I would like to welcome you, to your guitar lessons. I hope that you’ll enjoy the curriculum incorporated within the course as it’s been delivered to ensure your success. You can read a little about my story in the ‘About me‘ section (at the top of the page) and for some, upon reading; will undoubtedly relate to some of my aspirations learning to play the guitar many years ago.

This handbook, and other specialist materials; I have specially prepared for you, will unlock and develop your potential playing the guitar. We’ll cover many more things more in-depth during lessons. For those interested in training for Trinity board grade levels, we’ll incorporate Trinity course material within the tuition and then, when you’re happy with your progress can put you forward for examinations with Trinity/ ABRSM themselves.

My overall experience and knowledge acts as a foundation to teach pupils all styles of music, since the high technical, aural and theoretical background makes all styles of music easier to grasp and understand. I also combine a subtle use of coaching to focus on exact pupil needs, as well as creating a relaxed atmosphere.

General areas covered in detail are:

Information on purchasing a guitar (video)
Introduction to your guitar (video
Taking care after your guitar (video)
General accessories you will need (video)
How Chords are wrote down (video)
How guitars are made (video)
Posture – Finger positions (video)
Tuning your guitar (video)
Why no B or E sharp? (video)
Your first chord (video)


Coming Later: 

Picking and strumming
Sound – Amplification/effects and use of ‘tone’
Nerves and coping techniques
Chord and scale knowledge
Improvisation (ways to unlock this useful skill) 
Structured Practice
Positive thought processes (inspiration/composing)
Tips of the profession
Phrasing Concentration

Like always, when learning something new, determination, perseverance and practice
is key to get the most benefit out of your instrument and then,
you’ll certainly enjoy playing it for a long time to come!!

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