Welcome to my guitar tuition prep website. I’m so glad you can make it. !!
This is where your journey starts in learning the guitar for the first time. Or, if you join me as intermediate or advanced player,  I also extend my welcome.

I have been teaching guitar to individuals for a long time now, in between doing loads of other stuff and it’s such a pleasure to teach others through an immersive and kinaesthetic learning process.

Students have enjoyed my tutorials so far, as can be seen in the reference section, in the links above.


 I think one of the reasons why people choose me, as their tutor via ‘firsttutors‘ website, is because I have an enormous patience threshold and explain things in layman’s terms; as it’s easier for students to understand. – especially true I find, from replies from a student ‘newbies’ who don’t really know anything, from one end of the guitar to the other.

There’s loads of free content and videos on the site of which you’ll find very useful and there’s a few additional apps (mostly for the iphone, at the moment) of which I think, are fairly amazing in the armoury of learning how to understand the guitar.


So, keep checking back –

there will be new additions all the time… !

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