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Here you’ll find common answers to the questions that may arise.
(Some of the answers are already covered in videos).

1) Why is there no B sharp and E sharp? Video
2) How do I tune my guitar? Video
3) Why does the frequency need to be set at 440mhz? Video
4) How do I read chords  and how are they wrote down? Video
5) How much does private tuition cost with yourself?
Private tuition costs £15 per per person per hour and I can offer a discount on more than one person attending.  If you are interested in having one-to-one tuition, please fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as I can. It is with much with regret, I can only teach guitar within the West Midlands areas.
6). Can you tell me more about your experience? Click here
7) What is your syllabus and method of teaching? Click here
8) Once I have finished tuition, will I receive a certificate? Absolutely Yes!!
This certificate shows that you have learned the basic principals of learning about your guitar and how to start understanding of how to play it proficiently and successfully as a beginner.  Once you have finished the level 1 course the certificate demonstrates and showcase your success and you can show it to your friends and family. Don’t forget though, that starting to learn  to play your guitar there’s  much more to learn, which will be covered in practical lessons.    Example certificates can be viewed here.
9) I am interested in purchasing lessons for someone, do you sell vouchers? Yes, I do! Click here   

If you have any other questions that you’ll like answering and
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Why not buy a gift voucher, 

for a loved one, a friend or relative, as an unusual gift with a difference for them;or indeed, treat yourself to enjoy 1 or more, starter lessons for the guitar with a qualified tutor with 15 + years experience?

A £15 voucher buys for 1 hour with the tutor. £75 for 5 hours,
£150 for £10 hours.


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