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General acceptance and guidance of purchasing vouchers and gifting:

When thinking about your intended gift voucher for your recipient to have 1-to 1 guitar tuition, it is good idea to think about the following:

Gift Vouchers

  • Terms & Conditions:

    The gift voucher, bought only from this website, should be treated like cash. Lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced. Vouchers cannot be transferred to another individual as they are specially created for the new tutee.

  • How to redeem: 

    Redeem on arrival to the tutee’s lessons, and just before having lessons. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or credit. Damaged, altered or cancelled vouchers will not be accepted.

    Where can I spend my Gift Voucher/s?

    The  Gift Voucher/s can only be spent on guitar lessons with the booked tutor. 

  • Does my gift voucher have an expiry date?

Gift vouchers do not expire. You can certainly keep them for future use towards lessons. Please contact me if you plan to use then beyond 6 months from purchase. 

  • Travelling Cost:
    Think about who is doing the travelling. Student/  Tutor? and where tuition is being held. Is it too far for the student/tutor to commute? 
    Think about travelling and traffic. It’s sometimes very busy on the roads and/ or rail services – so ideally, it’s not such as good idea to travel in the rush hour or in the school run.

    The price of the gift voucher only covers the time of the tutor and various materials. I am sorry to say, it doesn’t cover the travelling costs of either the student or the tutor. Please take into the account of travelling expenses in your budget. These need to be paid / re-imbursed as necessary. – details below.


  • The tutee, can request the tutor travel to them; or if the student prefers, can come to the tutor. Should students wish for the tutor to travel to them, then it is standard practice that the students would have to pay/ reimburse the tutors travelling cost, in addition to tuition fee. If the students wish to come to the tutor then the students are advised to pay for their own travelling arrangements. If the student requests this, then lessons would be held in the Birmingham City Centre.

  • Additional Tuition after the when the vouchers been used: 

    Students can indeed, purchase extra guitar tuition lessons by the hour or: pay in block, for a number of hours; of which, then can be taken all at once (in block session) or broken into hourly sessions, during the week/s: (to be arranged)..Permission must be obtained from the tutor if the student would like a few lessons a week, at regular times and wish to pay, at the end of the week instead. A free handbook will be given to the student to track ongoing progress.

Vouchers and Payments: what’s covered and not what’s covered

  • Payments: 

    In terms of payment by voucher – the voucher must be presented on arrival to the students first lesson.  Tuition can be held without purchasing vouchers, but the student will need to pay for each lesson independently and be made via this website, by clicking on the ‘Students Information> Students Payments.   
  • When the voucher has been used up,(by voucher entitlement), the student may wish to continue with tuition and further their knowledge.. in this case either further vouchers may be bought; or students themselves, will need to pay tuition information as follows: 
    Additional Payments such as: additional tuition and resources and tutors travelling arrangements (not covered by the voucher) can be made via paypal/ credit card, cash or via “Sumup” card machine at the end of the lesson.

Location areas covered:

  • For individuals requesting tuition, it is advisable to live within a short commutable distance of the Birmingham and West Midlands boundaries due to travelling time and cost.

Times/ Dates:

  • Times, dates, frequency and duration of lessons:

    Due to teaching others, please bear in mind the tutors schedule can be tight and not always available. You can submit your request for tuition in the following form and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

  • General things to think about:

    Think about when you ideally would like to book lessons, dates and times that’s both mutual to both the tutor and student.  
    Try and keep to the schedule agreed, as it’s good practice. 

Booking Lessons:
  • Some students prefer starter lessons in blocks of 10 lessons and thus, see how they get on with the basics.Saying that, Some students (children and adults alike) are slower at learning and and some students are faster. For me , it doesn’t matter. What matters to me is the quality of the intuitive lessons and also student is able to understand the rudiments and principals and most importantly be able to have fun.  Since everyone’s learning pattern is different, students may require more than 10 lessons. Try to have a budget and allow for this. If you need to purchase more lessons you can do here, and fill out your details or speak to your tutor during your lessons. 

    Learning the guitar at the start isn’t an easy thing to do and there’s much information to digest. Progress is much faster after the first initial weeks.The first hurdle is holding the guitar correctly and the second,building ‘callouses’ on the finger-tips (which takes a little time unfortunately) Eventually; the gradual process, makes it easier to press down on the strings).


Minors under 18

  • Minors, under the age of 18, requesting guitar tuition (or guardians requesting permission on behalf), must accompany their child/ children within lessons. This is to protect the interests of the minors and also tutor. The tutor has DBS and also relevant qualifications; which can be seen here.


  • At least 24 hours notice (except for emergencies) must be given at all times, should the student have to cancel lessons for that week.  If less than 24 hours notice is given, then the student will be liable and charged for lessons missed. For example: If the student has agreed with the tutor to have 1 hour a week for 8 weeks and cancels for no reason in the first week, the tutor retains the right to charge for the remaining contractual period.

‘FirstTutors’ .. and ‘The Tutor Website’ (TTW)

  • Most of my students come from a number of sources including ‘The Tutor Website’ (TTW) or another Website called ‘Firsttutors‘, if you prefer to use this service instead, then you can find my profile on there too. However, they work on a direct messaging system in their website and in messages, you cant disclose personal details such as phone no’s, addresses, emails etc, until tuition is confirmed. In order to arrange specific times, dates, venue, the students have to pay a small amount (admin charges) to ‘firstutors’ to ‘purchase’ the tutors details and arrange specific details out of their messaging system. The cost to the student would be about £4.99 and that goes directly to ‘firsttutors’, who are an independent business, that specialises in advertising tutors.  After this payment is made by the tutee, first tutors will release each others details and then both can then converse via phone, email, letter etc.


If you have any questions not covered here, in the terms and conditions,
that you don’t understand or not sure about please do not hesitate to contact me.

Why not buy a gift voucher, 

for a loved one, a friend or relative, as an unusual gift with a difference for them;or indeed, treat yourself to enjoy 1 or more, starter lessons for the guitar with a qualified tutor with 15 + years experience?

A £15 voucher buys for 1 hour with the tutor. £75 for 5 hours, £150 for £10 hours.

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*Terms and Conditions Apply


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