I often find that that students have no knowledge about playing a guitar, but are influenced by many musicians, peers, and family who inspire the students to learn to play.

Whilst I was at school for instance some of my school chums were into bands like ‘Status Quo’, ‘Queen’, ‘White-Snake’, ‘Eagles’, ‘Guns and Roses’, ‘Paul Simon and Garfunkel’, and ‘The shadows’ etc. (1980’s bands) and this certainly, influenced my choice playing the guitar mainstream. 

In my syllabus, that I present;  I start from the rudimentary beginnings: from offering advice on which is the best starter guitar to purchase, (if you need help with this please contact me or message me. – I will be more than happy to help.)

Other factors to be aware of, may include what type of guitar, the size, the shape;  the accessories; and of course: the age of the student and foremost their reasons  learning, can play a part on which type of guitar is purchased.   

There are a few videos here in my site which helps to deliver these  factors, so students can choose well and know what to expect.

I also incorporate: knowledge about the guitar, understanding how to tune, strumming, picking, rhythm, timing, posture, accessories, understanding how to form chords, notes and circle of fifths etc. and other topics to set you on your way. 

Students have many reasons for learning an instrument and some, would like to learn just for culture and fun and with that, they would like to partake in a school band, or indeed just play for pleasure for themselves, or in-front of family!  You’ll find some are learning because they have a specific agenda for the future and prefer to take exams to demonstrate their prowess and possibly aim to go to a music college. 

Trinity College/ ABRSM

Many guitar tutors, like myself; offer a curriculum in their tuition, incorporating the Trinity College or ABRSM syllabus.

There will be exam pieces to be learned throughout the grades, starting at the introductory level and proceeding levels from level one to level 9.

Trinity College is one of the leading exam boards in the Uk. They have many different subject areas (not just guitar) as you can see from their website links. There are other exam boards such as the ABRSM which are also popular and both have venues up and down the country for students to take exams. You can often find Trinity Colleges resources through the Trinity Colleges website shop and of course, on popular internet based e-shopping websites and  high-street music shops.


Please note:  

There is no absolutely requirement in my syllabus, for the student to take exams with Trinity or ABRSM; unless the student, or guardians wishes. I personally, won’t be hosting the exam to obtain grades as I am not a qualified Trinity or ABRSM examiner. Occasionally though in my tutorials, I will often purposely ‘test’ students so they can be ready to take official exams.

When the student has sufficiently progressed with my course and feels competent to take exams; (if they wish)  you can easily book an appointment online, with Trinity themselves. They have escalating prices, for progressive grades.   

Trinity Pricing: 

Currently, as I am writing this (in 2018): Grade 1 exam is £40, with Trinity College; (please be aware they may alter the price at their own discretion) and you’ll need to book and proceed to one of  the Trinity colleges venues located around the country, nearest to you. 

Can Trinity examiners come to a school?

The examiners may come to a school, if pre-booked (contact Trinity) and also especially if there are many other students also wishing to take exams at the same time. Generally, one – to one examinations are held at one of Trinity’s Colleges centres. If the student has special educational needs then please read the following on Trinity’s Colleges website.

Materials and Course work

However, the material that we will cover in lessons will constitute and form part of the Trinity Colleges curriculum.  The material and pieces augmented, will ensure the student will reach a satisfactory standard of the following attributes:  skill, rhythm, technical focus, consistency, smoothness and is a competent player, before approaching and taking exams; again, should the student wish. 


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